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Diode Dynamics SS5 | Brightest 5" Off-Road LED Pod Lights

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One of the best sections of Diode Dynamics Off-Road lighting can be found with just a few clicks!

Diode Dynamics Stage Series Rock Lights - 2022 Ford F150 BTS Lighting

The Brightest Rock Lights

Check out the Diode Dynamics Stage Series rock lights. The industries best and brightest rock lights!

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BTS Lighting knows their products! The absolute best customer service ive ever gotten.


When these guys tell you something is the best, you should listen! The best decision I ever made was shopping here.


I cant believe how bright these lights are. They told me there was a 30 day return policy but I doubt anyone uses it, wow! Thank you!



With a background in the trucking industry, its no surprise we are one of the internets best sources for big rig lighting! Representing top brands like JW Speaker, Philips, United Pacific and more! Whether you’re looking for big rig headlights, watermelon lights, or tail lights, we’ve got you covered.

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Headlights: Upgrading your headlights isn’t always about esthetics. The safety of being able to see down the road is almost life changing. Upgrading to a high quality headlight like the Morimoto XB is a sound choice that offers piece of mind with their industry leading 5 year warranty.

Fog Lights: A completely overlooked aspect of automotive and commercial truck lighting is the use of quality fog lights. When we think of a fog light, we probably think of some blinding OEM truck or cheap aftermarket upgrade that produces a ton of glare. The truth is, a high quality aftermarket fog light kit like the Diode Dynamics SS3 or Elite Series can produce insane amounts of foreground light for you, while substantially lowering the amount of blinding glare your fog lights produce.

Off-Road Lighting: The Off-Road lighting industry has gone through many changes over the years and many brand have come and went away. One thing that has become apparent is the demand for high quality, American made Off-Road products. For years, we had Rigid industries, Baja Designs and JW Speaker to lean on but then something happened which shook the Off-Road lighting world. Diode Dynamics entered the scene like a wrecking ball, hell bent on improving everything! With their game changing manipulation of the TIR Optic technology, Diode Dynamics quickly became the industry leader in American created Off-Road lighting.

Diode Dynamics has strived to bring every aspect of the production and development back to North America while giving the industry the best, brightest and most reliable products.

Trucking Headlights: BTS Lighting is quickly becoming the industries number 1 source for high quality big rig headlights! Whether you’re driving a Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Volvo, or International, BTS Lighting has a high quality headlight at a price you can afford. What’s most important is that we aren’t trying to sell you our brand. With the exception of our few Alpha Series house brand products, we are a completely neutral dealer who strives to give you, the hard working owner operator and fleet owners, the best possible advise.