H13 LED Bulbs – BTS Lighting Alpha Series


Experience unparalleled brightness and longevity with BTS Lighting’s Alpha Series H13 LED bulbs. Superior quality, advanced technology, and optimal performance for your automotive lighting needs.

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Warranty: Lifetime

Experience unprecedented brilliance on the road with BTS Lighting's Alpha Series H13 LED bulbs. Engineered for supremacy, these bulbs epitomize longevity, reliability, and sheer luminosity.

At the heart of the Alpha Series lies a powerhouse - each bulb unleashes 65 watts, matching high beam halogens and setting a new standard in brightness. The industry-leading output ensures exceptional visibility, improving your driving experience.

Efficient heat management is paramount for sustained performance. Our Alpha Series bulbs integrate dual red copper heat plates, liquid/powder-filled copper tubes, and a high-speed cooling fan. This amalgamation ensures optimal temperature regulation, guaranteeing consistent brilliance.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, the Intelligent I-Driver dynamically manages wattage output and fan controls based on PCB temperature. This adaptive system ensures peak performance while maintaining a stable operating temperature.

Compatibility woes vanish with our built-in Canbus, addressing compatibility issues in 90% of vehicles. However, select models may still require additional modules for optimal performance.

Utilizing premium automotive-grade LED chips, our bulbs deliver precise illumination, curbing glare, and ensuring focused light distribution while effectively managing heat.

Radio interference becomes a thing of the past with EMC chips significantly reducing EMC/RFI/EMI radio static. For added assurance, consider our Ferrite Clamps for further static reduction.

Illuminate your journey with BTS Lighting's Alpha Series H13 LED bulbs, where brilliance meets reliability for an unparalleled driving experience.