Diode Dynamics SS5 Pro Universal CrossLink 8-Pod Lightbar


Illuminate the road ahead with Diode Dynamics SS5 Pro Universal CrossLink 8-Pod Lightbar in Yellow Driving. Engineered for extreme intensity and durability, this 50-inch linked lightbar boasts TIR optics, selectable backlight colors, and unmatched visibility. Enhance your driving experience with its ultra-high-intensity beams, assembled in the USA for top-notch quality.

Holds one Stage Series CrossLink Lightbar.

Required to power 5-8 Pod CrossLink Pro Lightbars.

Keeps your lights secure and protected from theft.

Warranty: 8 Years

The Diode Dynamics SS5 Pro Universal CrossLink 8-Pod Lightbar stands at the forefront of cutting-edge illumination technology, representing a pinnacle in LED lighting advancement. Designed with innovation and precision, this 50-inch linked lightbar redefines what's possible in auxiliary lighting systems.

Engineered Brilliance:
The SS5 Lightbar showcases meticulous engineering, utilizing TIR (total internal reflection) optics and patent-pending CrossLink technology. These advancements integrate eight SS5 LED pods seamlessly, forming a single, high-performance lightbar. The result? An unparalleled output intensity, delivering exceptional functionality and durability.

Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Optics:
Revolutionizing traditional optics, the SS5 employs custom-engineered TIR optics that efficiently harness emitted light, directing it precisely where needed. This innovation significantly reduces glare, enhancing efficiency, and offering focused illumination. The total output from the SS5 surpasses standard LED pods, thanks to the custom-molded TIR optic that doubles as the main lens.

What's Included:
The SS5 Pro Universal CrossLink 8-Pod Lightbar comes with eight Stage Series 5” LED Pods, along with a comprehensive set of CrossLink components, ensuring easy setup and installation.

The Diode Dynamics SS5 Pro Universal CrossLink 8-Pod Lightbar redefines auxiliary lighting, offering unparalleled performance, adaptability, and durability in a sleek, innovative package. Explore the future of illumination with the SS5.

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