Multi-Hue RGB-W Rock Lights & Glow Strips: Dynamic Colors, Dynamic Style

Illuminate Your Journey with a Spectrum of Colors

Experience the Ultimate in Color-Changing Truck Lighting

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Welcome to the vibrant world of Multi-Hue RGB-W Rock Lights & Glow Strips at BTS Lighting, where dynamic color meets unparalleled style. Our collection, featuring the advanced Diode Dynamics RGBW LED Rock Lights, is tailor-made for those who love to express themselves with a spectrum of colors.

Dynamic Color for Every Mood and Moment
Our RGB-W rock lights offer an impressive range of colors, perfect for those who desire versatility in their truck's appearance. Whether it's a subtle ambiance or a bold statement, these lights can be adjusted to fit every mood and occasion. Choose from 4-pack to 8-pack options, or individual units for a customized setup tailored to your truck's unique style.

Next-Level Control and Connectivity
Enhance your experience with our RGBW Controllers, available in both 24-Key M8 RF and Bluetooth variants. These controllers offer seamless control over the color and pattern of your lights, making it easy to switch up the look of your truck on the go. The flexibility and convenience of these high-tech solutions ensure that your lighting is always in sync with your style.

Easy Installation and Versatile Accessories
In addition to our main lighting products, we offer a range of accessories to simplify installation and expand your customization options. From the Stage Series Rock Light Flush Mount Kit to the Magnet Mount Adapter Kit and Roll Bar Mount, these accessories provide versatile mounting solutions. Our M8 5-Pin Extension and Splitter Wires, along with the DT Wiring Harness, ensure a hassle-free setup for your dynamic lighting system.

Experience the Spectrum of BTS Lighting
At BTS Lighting, our commitment is to provide not just lighting solutions, but a means to express your individuality and style. Our Multi-Hue RGB-W Rock Lights & Glow Strips represent this ethos, offering a blend of top-notch functionality and aesthetic appeal. Visit us at [BTS Lighting's Multi-Hue RGB-W Rock Lights & Glow Strips]( to bring a new level of dynamism to your truck's lighting.

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