Peterbilt 359 Headlight: Holley Retrobright LED Kit


Enhance your PETERBILT 359’s classic style with the Holley Retrobright LED Kit. Experience superior visibility and period-correct aesthetics in one upgrade.

Warranty: 2 Years

Enhancing Safety and Style with Holley Retrobright LED Kit for Peterbilt 359

The Peterbilt 359 Classic Style LED Headlights offer a unique blend of safety, functionality, and vintage aesthetics. These headlights, meticulously designed for the Peterbilt 359, address crucial safety concerns while preserving the classic look and feel of this iconic truck.

Improving Safety Standards

Trucks like the Peterbilt 359 are renowned for their robust build and timeless design. However, the original sealed beam headlights might not meet modern safety standards. The Holley Retrobright LED Kit is engineered to bridge this gap, offering advanced LED technology that significantly enhances visibility and safety standards. The upgrade ensures compliance with DOT/SAE regulations, providing peace of mind for drivers.

LED Technology: The Safety Advantage

LED technology is revolutionizing vehicle lighting. The Holley Retrobright LED Kit stands out with its superior brightness, offering an impressive 18,000CD for low beams and a staggering 37,000CD for high beams. This substantial increase in light output vastly improves visibility, minimizing the risk of accidents, particularly during night drives or adverse weather conditions.

Studies on Safety Benefits

Research studies have consistently shown the positive impact of improved headlights on road safety. The Holley Retrobright LED Kit's enhanced brightness and superior beam pattern align with these findings. These upgraded headlights significantly reduce the risk of collisions, enhancing the safety of drivers, passengers, and other road users.

Preserving Classic Style with Modern Performance

The Peterbilt 359 is an icon in the trucking world, cherished for its classic design. The Holley Retrobright LED Kit respects this heritage by offering a period-correct design while providing the advantages of modern LED technology. Its warm-white LED option maintains the classic appearance, ensuring an authentic look while upgrading performance.

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The Holley Retrobright LED Kit isn't just a cosmetic upgrade; it's a safety enhancement for your Peterbilt 359. With improved visibility, compliance with safety standards, and a nod to classic aesthetics, these headlights represent the ideal fusion of safety and style for your truck.

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