Peterbilt 389 Black LED Halo Headlights 2008-2024


Warranty: 3 Years

Elevate your Peterbilt truck’s lighting game with the High-Power 10 LED Blackout Headlight. Engineered for optimal visibility and style, this headlight boasts a striking design and powerful lumens output. Easy to connect and DOT/SAE compliant, it’s the perfect upgrade for various Peterbilt models spanning from 2008 to 2022.

This headlight isn't just about aesthetics; it’s crafted for superior performance, offering both low and high beam functionalities with remarkable lumens and minimal power consumption. Installation is a breeze, plugging seamlessly into your existing wiring harness. Plus, it meets FMVSS 108 standards, ensuring a safe and compliant upgrade.

Compatible with an extensive range of Peterbilt models, including 389, 567, and more, this headlight is a statement in modernization and safety. The included white halo provides exceptional Daytime Running Lights, enhancing your truck's visibility on the road while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Note: This product is constructed with safety and quality in mind, adhering to stringent regulations. Its bold design, easy installation, and compliance with safety standards make it an ideal choice for enhancing both the style and safety of your Peterbilt truck.

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