Peterbilt 389 Blackout LED Headlights 2008-2024


Warranty: 2 Years

Elevate your driving experience with the Blackout LED Headlight tailored for the Peterbilt 389. Step away from the dimness of factory-installed headlights and embrace a brighter, more secure journey on the road. Featuring a patent number D875,282, this headlight boasts a bold and innovative design.

Equipped with 100% all-LED technology, this headlight delivers enhanced visibility with high and low beam functions, complemented by a striking white position light and LED turn signals. The easy connection through existing wiring harnesses ensures hassle-free installation, offering a seamless upgrade without the need for complex modifications.

What sets this LED headlight apart is its application compatibility across various Peterbilt models, including the Peterbilt 567 from 2014 to 2022. This headlight meets DOT/SAE and FMVSS 108 standards, ensuring reliability, quality, and compliance with road safety regulations.

With a low beam of 1,000 lumens and a high beam of 2,000 lumens, both emitting at 6300K, this LED headlight significantly enhances your visibility on the road. The warning against discarding unused factory headlight wiring harnesses emphasizes the importance of retaining necessary components for optimal functionality.

This product conforms to safety regulations while dramatically improving visibility, especially during low-light conditions or adverse weather scenarios. Upgrading to these LED headlights ensures you're not only making a stylistic enhancement but also investing in safer driving conditions for yourself and fellow road users.

Studies consistently highlight the critical role of upgraded lighting systems in road safety. The increased luminosity, sharp beam patterns, and color temperature stability directly impact the driver's ability to spot obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles, reducing the risk of accidents.

Enhanced lighting isn't merely an aesthetic upgrade; it's a proactive step toward a safer driving environment. Experience the difference with the Blackout LED Headlight for Peterbilt 389, providing superior illumination and bolstering safety, one road at a time.

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