Transform your rig's appearance with our cutting-edge lighting solutions! Our Alpha Dual Function Watermelon Lights, paired with the Duo Bracket, redefine the way you illuminate your truck. Crafted from premium stainless steel, these brackets hold two watermelon lights with utmost stability and endurance.

Designed for universal compatibility, these brackets perfectly fit popular watermelon light brands like Trux Dual Revolution, Grand General, and United Pacific, delivering an exceptional lighting experience on any truck model.

The Alpha Dual Function Watermelon Lights boast SAE-compliant amber running/marker lights, coupled with a customizable secondary color for a personalized touch. Their sleek, flush mount design ensures seamless integration on diverse bumpers, providing versatility and enhanced aesthetics.

Engineered for durability, these lights feature high-impact polycarbonate lenses and a robust sealed backing, earning an impressive IP67 rating for water resistance. Choose from an array of vibrant color options to suit your style and create an eye-catching lighting ensemble for your rig.

Elevate your truck's look and performance with our Alpha Dual Function Watermelon Lights and the sturdy Duo Bracket. Backed by a solid 2-year warranty, these products redefine truck lighting, offering reliability, versatility, and a touch of personalization.

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