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Illuminate Your Drive with Top-Quality Kenworth W990 LED Headlights: Unmatched Clarity, Performance, and Durability for an Enhanced Driving Experience!

Discover Superior Visibility: Kenworth W990 LED Headlights Engineered for Performance and Safety

Kenworth W990 Headlights:  There are not many LED headlight options for the Kenworth W990 and the ones that are available are cheap, Chinese junk, not suitable for such a prestigious truck as the W990.

You didn't cheap out and buy a Cascadia, you bought a Kenworth W990 because you want the best! The question we get from Kenworth W990 owners is "Why did they put such horrible headlights in such a nice truck"

The wait is now over! We are pleased to bring the new Coplus Bi-Beam LED headlights to market for the 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 Kenworth W990. These new Bi-Beam LED headlights are absolutely high highest quality W990 headlight on the market today! Nothing, and I repeat, nothing comes close to the fit, finish and performance of the new Bi-Beam LED headlights by Coplus.

What is Bi-Beam? The low beam can be toggled between a white light or yellow with a couple flips of your high beam. The white light offers a perfect beam pattern with an amazing distribution of light for the best driving experience. If you and your Kenworth W990 find yourselves in some severe winter conditions, just flip over to the yellow output to help you weather the storm! The low beam not only turns yellow, but the hotspot and focal point actually shift closer to the truck to help you keep your eyes on the road. You don't need a heated lens, you just need focus.

These LED headlights for the Kenworth W990 have something that no other big rig headlight has. They come with a plug and play DRL harness with a fuse tap that can easily be ran to give you a bright, white running light and daytime running light when driving. Don't want the bright running light? Don't hook up the DRL harness, its that simple.

These new LED headlights by Coplus are being brought to market by BTS lightng because we started this company to offer truckers the best, brightest and most reliable lighting available and these new Kenworth W990 Bi-Beam LED headlights are hands down the best there is!

Explore our premium collection of Kenworth W990 LED headlights designed to elevate your driving experience. Our headlights are crafted to deliver superior brightness, clarity, and durability, ensuring optimal visibility on the road.

Experience the power of cutting-edge LED technology tailored for the Kenworth W990 model, providing enhanced safety and style. Upgrade to our high-performance LED headlights and enjoy a clear vision in all driving conditions.

With easy installation and a focus on reliability, our Kenworth W990 LED headlights are built to last, making them the perfect choice for drivers seeking top-quality lighting solutions.

Choose BTS Lighting for your Kenworth W990 and drive with confidence, knowing you have the best LED headlights at your service.

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