Premium Peterbilt LED Headlights: Elevate Your Ride with Retro Style and High Performance

Discover BTS Lighting's Extensive Range of Peterbilt 359, 379, 386, 389, 567, and 579 Headlights

Discover superior LED headlights tailored for the Peterbilt 359 trucks at BTS Lighting. Whether you're seeking a Peterbilt 359 headlight conversion or require modern LED headlights fitting shallow headlight buckets for a classic Peterbilt 359, our range has you covered. Our stainless steel United Pacific Peterbilt 359 assemblies bring a retro style and are favored by Peterbilt 379 and 389 owners. Opt for the popular Holley RetroBright Peterbilt 359 LED Headlight Kit for modern, period-correct LED headlights crafted explicitly for shallow bucket classics like the Peterbilt 359.

Explore our diverse selection of Peterbilt 379 headlights, offering industry-leading LED headlight options from United Pacific Industries. Upgrade your Peterbilt's style and performance from the outdated sealed beam incandescent headlights commonly seen on these iconic trucks.

The Peterbilt 386's factory-installed dual filament style headlights lack intensity and style. Elevate your Peterbilt 386 with our quad jewel eye LED headlights, providing both style and significant performance improvements. Choose from our range tailored for the Peterbilt 386 and 387 models, ensuring a stylish upgrade with massive performance gains.

Thinking about Peterbilt 389 headlights? Think BTS Lighting! Explore our array of halogen and LED headlights designed for Peterbilt 389, 388, and 567 trucks utilizing the same pod style headlight. Our exclusive Alpha Series Peterbilt 389 LED headlight bulb kit delivers unmatched intensity and width, transforming your driving experience. Additionally, find halogen housings from United Pacific Industries offering the benefits of a halogen housing while allowing for style customization. We cater to different preferences, providing options for LED or halogen headlights, including our best-selling heated JW Speaker 9600 for the Peterbilt 389.

The Peterbilt 579 faces challenges with its headlight output, but our selection of halogen and LED headlights at BTS Lighting ensures better illumination. United Pacific Industries offers premium Peterbilt 579 LED headlights, addressing the truck's mediocre headlight output.

No matter your Peterbilt model, BTS Lighting offers exceptional headlight options tailored for your truck's needs.