Peterbilt 389 Headlight LED Bulb Kit


Enhance your Peterbilt 389’s lighting with the Alpha Series LED Bulb Kit. Experience unparalleled brightness, superior heat management, and effortless installation for optimal driving visibility.

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Warranty: Lifetime

Investing in upgraded headlights, such as the Alpha Series LED Bulb Kit for your Peterbilt 389, goes beyond enhancing your vehicle's aesthetics. It significantly boosts safety on the road. Studies reveal a substantial decrease in nighttime accidents after upgrading to brighter, more efficient lighting systems.

Improved visibility, a primary advantage of upgraded headlights, plays a pivotal role in preventing accidents. According to a recent survey by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), vehicles equipped with upgraded lighting systems experienced a 34% reduction in crash involvement during nighttime hours.

BTS Lighting's Alpha Series LEDs not only offer superior brightness but also advanced heat management, reducing snow and ice buildup on lenses during winter, ensuring consistent visibility even in adverse weather conditions.

Upgrading your Peterbilt 389's headlights with the Alpha Series LED Bulb Kit not only elevates your driving experience but also enhances road safety, significantly reducing the risk of nighttime accidents.

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