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BTS Lighting Kenworth W990 Bi-Beam LED Headlights (Official Trailer)

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Impressive Selection! BTS Lighting’s range of Morimoto XB headlights amazed me. A seamless shopping experience backed by top-notch customer service!

Emily S

Exceptional Quality! Diode Dynamics’ off-road lighting surpassed my expectations. BTS Lighting truly delivers on its promise of premium products!

David M

Unmatched Brightness! The Diode Dynamics Stage Series rock lights from BTS Lighting are a game-changer. The brightest I’ve come across, delivering on performance and durability.

Sarah L

High-Performance Trucking Lights

Revamp Your Truck’s Lighting Experience with Top Brands! Explore JW Speaker, Truck-Lite, United Pacific Industries, Alpha Series, and More! Upgrade Your Truck’s Illumination for Safety & Style. Click Below to Discover High-Performance Lighting Solutions!

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At BTS Lighting, discover unparalleled lighting solutions for big rigs, featuring top brands and cutting-edge technology. Our selection ensures superior illumination for all major truck models.

Alpha Dual Revolution Watermelon Lights: A Revolution in Truck Lighting

Introducing Alpha Dual Revolution Watermelon Lights, a dual-color lighting marvel for trucks. Seamlessly switch from SAE compliant amber to a vivid secondary color, blending legality with personalized style. These lights are a testament to innovation in truck lighting, offering easy installation and universal compatibility.

Morimoto Lighting: The Future of Vehicle Illumination

Experience the future with Morimoto XB, where advanced technology meets style and durability. Ideal for any driving condition, these LED headlights and fog lights are a game-changer.

JW Speaker: Leading the Way in Lighting Technology

Lead the lighting revolution with JW Speaker, including the 9600 series and 8800 series, featuring groundbreaking Smartheat technology.

United Pacific Industries: Unmatched LED Headlight Performance

Choose United Pacific Industries for reliable LED headlights, catering to major truck brands and guaranteeing safety and style.

Diode Dynamics: Superior Lighting for Big Rigs

Explore the best in truck lighting with Diode Dynamics, featuring the innovative SS5 Crosslink and SS3 series. Discover American-made rock lights, work lights, and driving lights designed for big rigs.

Join us at BTS Lighting to upgrade your truck with the finest lighting solutions in the market, tailored to meet every trucking need.