The question gets asked a lot: Do LED bulbs melt snow and ice? The answer, no….. until now.

Enter the new Morimoto 2Stroke 3.0, a plug and play LED headlight / fog light bulb. In this article, we’re not going to get into all the fine details of the bulb itself, we have a article written about it HERE.

Here at BTS Lighting, we want you to know what you’re buying and why. We started this company because we were tired of all the trucker marketed products they sell us, that are complete trash! Unfortunately, we as consumers have no way to tell a good product from a very bad, yet nicely marketed hunk of plastic. This is why we have started to test products and document the results.

There are very well known companies who compare products already. Most include output shots in a studio against a wall, measuring light output. This is a very good way to let the consumer see the difference between different bulbs you may be thinking of purchasing. As a consumer, it’s hard for you to believe me when I tell you my 2600 lumen LED bulb is way brighter than the 12,000 lumen bulb you bought from Amazon. A wall shot comparison is the perfect way to show you how they stack up. We like to bring this to another level with field testing. This is the first of many actual tests ran out in the field to demonstrate what you’ll actually see. When we take a wall shot, we will take a field shot as well, expect to see articles and Youtube videos starting soon!

The Testing

Ice Buildup
Ice Buildup

The day was full of mildly cold temperatures -13c(8.5f) and freezing fog. The kind of day that put a 1″ thick ice slab on the front of my mirrors. The kind of day that had guys pulling over to clear the ice buildup from their front covers. I spoke to a few who were having overheating issues because the AC condensers were plugging up. The perfect day for this test!

The truck is a 2007 Peterbilt 379 with 5.75″ round headlights. It has the Morimoto 2-Stroke 3.0 bulbs in them, 9007 dual filament and the driver has been raving ever since they were installed about how amazing they are.

Morimoto 2 Stroke Snow Melt
Ice Starts Melting from Low Beam

He pulled up next to me, and I noticed his lenses has a 1/8″ or so buildup of solid ice . I told him to turn on the low beams and see how well these things work. It took about 20 minutes or so for it to warm up enough to melt it to the halfway point, but it was melting…. a amazing thing considering these are a LED bulb!

Morimoto 2 Stroke Snow Melt High
Turning onto High Beam Accelerates Melting

We then decided to turn the high beam on, double the LED chips lit- should product more heat right? It did, within 10 minutes the first housing was melted completely, and the dedicated high beam was almost there. We then drove 1.5 hours to our unload location through the thick winter fog, using about a half jug of de-icer washer fluid along the way. When we arrived, the lenses were both perfectly clear.

Morimoto 2 Stroke Snow Melted
Completely Melted, Even After Travel

What Does This Mean?

These bulbs do something that no other LED plug and play bulb has done before, they heat the housing and melt snow and ice. That in itself is an amazing thing!

Some questions may come up, so we will address them.

That took along time to melt, how does that help me if I hit fog while driving?

Think of it like this. You walk out in the morning and fire up your Screaming Jimmy; then crank up the defroster, nothing will happen until that engine stops sounding like a barrel of hammers rolling down a hill and actually starts generating some heat. Same principle here, the bulb needs to generate heat for a while but once it does, the housing stays warm.

That was a small housing, will this work in a large housing?

It will, once in high beam mode it accelerated the heating. So in a large housing, you could always turn your high beams on during your pre-trip to start getting it warm in the housing. One more thing to consider is the dual filament bulbs tend to go in smaller housings and the dual filament bulbs use the old style led chip, and have quite a bit less power and output. The single filament bulbs having higher performance will inherently generate more heat for your larger housing.

Cascadia Ice Buildup
Cascadia Ice Buildup


We are impressed. Not only does this bulb offer never before seen beam pattern precision-it can melt snow and ice. The test we did was a little on the extreme side, when you hit conditions like this at night, you more than likely would have your lights on for some time already. If you are starting the morning in dark fog, you’ll probably brush the lens off and let it warm up during your pre trip.

For reference, this image (Freightliner Cascadia with LED Bulbs) was taken at the same time as our final test photo, yet his headlights were covered in ice.

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