*** Disclaimer: The use of plug and play LED bulbs are not approved for on road use in the USA as they do not meet the current FMVSS108 regulations ***

The Problem

There are so many LED bulbs on the market today. Years ago, a manufacturer from overseas would have to find a seller in North America to sell their products. But, with the emergence of e-commerce, it is easier than ever for them to sell direct.

The problem is the market is now flooded with horrible bulbs running colorful ads and exaggerated raw lumen claims. you, as the consumer, have no way to tell a good product from a fraud until you spend your hard earned money on a product that is bright for 20′ then drops off the face of the earth, essentially making is not only useless, but completely unsafe.

We got into lighting by sheer necessity, we ran a small trucking company and a big driver concern in Northern Canada was adverse weather visibility. This started a very expensive journey to find the best lighting upgrades. Fast forward years later, we have not only tested, but we have actually put to work so many lighting products that it almost angers a person to think how much money had to be wasted just so we could feel safe on the road. This is why we started BTS Lighting, our company, which offers only the best and most reliable lighting options for class 8 commercial heavy trucks. We test all the products so you dont have to.

The Solution

Very recently, Morimoto HID relesed a game changing LED bulb unlike anything we have ever seen. The Morimoto 2-Stroke 3.0 is a engineering marvel, taking the LED lighting game to all new levels. Lets give you a run down of the features and why this is our undisputed King of the LED bulb.

Morimoto 2-Stroke 3.0
Morimoto 2-Stroke 3.0 LED Chipset

Lets start with the actual LED chips. These are genuine Osram Oslon automotive grade LED chips. You may be familiar with the Osram name as they are one of the world leaders in OEM lighting. What is important here is the fact these bulbs have actual OEM grade chips, where as the vast majority of the aftermarket uses LED chips that are not suitable or built for automotive use. They just aren’t precise enough. These precision LED chips and intuitive engineering give these bulbs the ability to very closely mimic your factory beam patter, yet make it brighter. This meticulous attention to design has made these the perfect fit for a projector or reflector housing.

If you’ve used LED bulbs before, you know they tend to be very bright directly in front of you, but don’t seem to throw light far away like you would like. This is because they are often poorly designed and do not take the care to analyze and copy the focal point of your factory bulbs, resulting in most of your attention being unsafely focused directly in front of you, instead of in the distance where it should be. The 2-Strokes have solved this problem.

The raw lumen rating is a very respectable 2600lm, but a lumen rating can be a very deceiving thing. You will see many of these overseas sellers claiming 10000+ lumen ratings and to be fair, they have to lie in this way to sell their bad bulbs, otherwise no one would actually buy them. Once again, lumen rating isn’t everything. We’ve compared these to another very high quality bulb that we carry, one that is known in the industry for being a real heavy hitter: the GTR Lighting Ultra 2 is rated for 3900 raw lumen, yet when we tested them against the 2-Stroke 3.0, the 2-Stroke actually produced more light.

This is getting good

Morimoto 2-Stroke 3.0 heat exchange
A completely sealed bulb circulates heat dissipation back into the housing

A big game changer is the cooling system on the new 2-Stroke 3.0. The bulb is a completely sealed unit, so no air from outside the housing enters or exits through the bulb. The ultra efficient fan rotates at 12000 rpm, not only keeping the bulb running very cool but actively heating the housing and lens by exhausted dissipated heat back into the housing. That’s right! You read that right, this LED bulb can melt snow and ice , which as a trucker who might run in norther climates, is a major concern. There is nothing worse than running through North Dakota in your Peterbilt 389 and you lights go black because frozen frost has started to build up on them. Check out a field test we did, showing the melting capabilities HERE.

All bulbs are adjustable once in the housing so you can dial them in perfectly. I cannot stress enough to run from any LED bulb that doesn’t offer a adjustable base. Here’s why. A Peterbilt 389 and a newer model Western Star 5700xe both use a H11 halogen low beam bulb. What differs is the bulb is actually upside down on the Western Star 5700xe which would make it so the same LED bulb in either housing will not work, unless you can rotate the bulb after installation. You see, these bulbs are engineered to have the bulbs positioned horizontally in the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions and with the back base facing down.

The last feature we will touch on (and there are more we haven’t mentioned) is the DRL capabilities. If your daytime running lights use a low voltage setup (not a pulse width modulation PWM system) then during DRL operation, the 2-Stroke 3.0 will run at a reduced output, which extends bulb life by not running 100% power at all times. Then when your lights are switched on, they go to full power.

Whether you drive a Freightliner Cascadia, a Kenworth W990, or a Volvo VNL, these are the perfect bulb for every application.

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