Are Morimoto Headlights Worth It? We take a deep dive into what makes Morimoto headlights superior to the competition.

Are Morimoto Headlights Worth It?

The Question: Are Morimoto Headlights Worth It?

This question gets asked a lot, especially on social media. Often, the answer is given by someone who does not actually know, or is only focused on one key item i.e.. cost, brightness, reliability. Of course, customer reviews are a very important part of a product, but often, you will get opinions from people who have never actually tried a Morimoto headlight, let alone physically compared them to other brands.

Are Morimoto Headlights Worth It? isn’t usually the question consumers are needing answered, but instead, Are Morimoto headlights worth it to you? Ill explain…

Factors To Consider When Looking At Morimoto XB LED Headlights VS Competitors:

  • 1: Price
  • 2: Light Output
  • 3: Build Quality/ Reliability
  • 4: Back End Service
  • 5: Warranty

1: Price

It’s no secret that the Morimoto XB LED headlights are among the highest costing automotive headlights on the market today. When a consumer is shopping for a high quality headlight for their car, truck, or SUV cost is always at the top of the list. The previously mentioned “but often, you will get opinions from people who have never actually tried a Morimoto headlight, let alone physically compared them to other brands” group is most often people who cannot look past the price and refuse to entertain the idea that a product could be worth it. This is typically the “I can get it on Amazon cheaper” crowd.

2: Light Output

If you are still reading, congratulations. You are willing to take all factors into account and weigh all options when considering your lighting purchase. The answer to the question “Are Morimoto Headlights Worth It? will become very clear soon.

61698.20 Super Duty XB LED Headlights.260 1
OEM vs Morimoto XB

The image above compares the low beam output from a Morimoto XB LED headlight on a 2020 – 2022 Ford Super Duty. Besides the obvious increase in brightness, I want to draw your attention to an often overlooked detail. On both the OEM halogen and the Morimoto XB pictures, if you look at the top of the beam pattern, just below what’s called the “cutoff line”, you will notice a high intensity zone, or “hotspot”.

If we think about how the human eye operates, the hotspot will quickly start to make sense. Your pupils will adjust to the brightest light source. In your vehicle, your pupils close when its very bright in front of you and open when the bright light is far away. If you were driving and had your high beam on and started to use your hand to cover the low beam output, you would see your pupils start to open and your down road visibility would sharpen and improve.

The “hotspot” is designed to keep your eyes focused as far down the road as possible. Morimoto, by having a proper hotspot, gives you the absolute best driving experience, especially in poor weather conditions.

Most other brands we have either sold or tested will have a decent output but absolutely no defined hotspot. We’ve all heard of people who install LED headlights and say “they are bright, but don’t seem to shoot very far”. The lack of a defined hotspot is one major contributing factor to this phenomenon.

3: Build Quality/ Reliability

Build quality is huge! The average consumer does not physically compare multiple headlights when choosing the right one to buy, but a dealer does. We used to be a Vland dealer and ended up dropping them due to a swarm of issues. One of the trucks we sponsor (Thatwhite_TRDPro) was previously running the Vland projector headlights. We recently sent him a set of Morimoto XB LED headlights for his 2018 Toyota Tundra and the very first thing he said was “The build quality is so much better on the Morimoto, like wow!

Build quality matters and is a sign of things to come. Cheap Chinese companies will only use cheap Chinese components on their products. Often, even quality components like Deutsch connectors will actually be a knockoff. LED chips are usually CREE, capacitors are often CHONG and this is why costs end up being so low. These Chinese suppliers typically 3D map an OEM headlight, create an aftermarket version and start selling it with absolutely zero R&D done, leaving it up to the customers to do it for them.

Morimoto XB LED headlights are mostly all built in Taiwan. For those who do not know, Taiwan is where most of the OEM headlight manufacturers are headquartered and manufacture their lights. The benefits here are that most people in the industry are trained to OEM standards with OEM equipment and know where to source the best components from around the world.

Japanese Kuria Optics, Genuine OEM grade Osram LED chips are just a couple of the high quality components used in the Morimoto XB LED headlights. High quality resistors and capacitors are used to ensure a flicker and error free operation for years to come. A quick Google search of CHONG resistors will bring up forums full of electronics experts warning of how bad they are. Customers who buy headlights with these resistors will often experience flickering of codes 6 months after the headlights worked perfectly fine.

4: Back End Service

arlington research Kz8nHVg tGI unsplash
Photo by Arlington Research on Unsplash

When purchasing headlights through a company like BTS Lighting, you get full support on all our products, but, even we need help from time to time. Whether its a consumer or a dealer, having quality back end support is massively important. Morimoto XB headlights come with fantastic installation guides, but, even still, questions do come up. At BTS Lighting, one of our big benefits is you can typically get in touch with us anytime of the day or night. We man most of our media accounts beyond the typical Mon – Fri 9-5 norm.

When we need a question answered from Morimoto support, its typically done in a decent amount of time. Keep in mind, they are a massive company so answers are typically not same day (This is why we suggest purchasing through BTS Lighting) but still relatively quick. Vland for instance, being in China, was very slow to respond. They are 14 hours ahead of us and only respond during the middle of the night. Each Vland website (there’s a dozen or so) seems to be ran by an individual sales person who runs everything for that site, so you are lucky to get one response a night.

Most often, this sales person has zero working knowledge of the product and couldn’t even tell you if North American cars are 12v or 24v. This leads to the very common response “I will check with factory and get back to you with satisfactory response.” This means they have no idea and have to send an email to headquarters to ask the engineers what could be wrong. There’s a couple problems here, one being time, and the other being responses. By the time they email the engineers, a few days have gone by and there is a good chance your email gets lost in the mix by the sales person or engineers.

As a dealer, we often found we had to hound them to get a response. As they do no R&D, they often do not know how to fix the problem and will completely ghost you.

5: Warranty

When considering if Morimoto headlights are really worth it, one should consider warranty. The Morimoto XB LED headlights come with an absolutely crazy 5 year warranty. Compared to Alpharex’s 2 year, Vlands 1 year, and Recons 90 days, you can easily see the benefit to purchasing the Morimoto XB LED headlights. Warranty process’s is another important thing to consider.

MORIMOTO: Typical Time Until Replacements In Hand – 5 Days

When you have a defective headlight, you are given 2 options. Send the defective light back or buy a new one and a replacement will be shipped out with a pre paid return label to send the faulty one back.

ALPHAREX: Typical Time Until Replacements In Hand – 10 Days

When you have a defective headlight, you are given 2 options. Send the defective light back or buy a new one and a replacement will be shipped out with a pre paid return label to send the faulty one back.

VLAND: Typical Time Until Replacements In Hand – 30 Days

You will email in a complaint and be told to “Wait while I contact the factory for a satisfactory response.” This will be a process all on its own. They will then troubleshoot with you while reporting back to the factory (each time takes days). Once they determine you need a replacement, they will require a photo of the QR or barcode on the back of the headlight. This usually means you have to remove the headlight to take this picture, and, in many cases, this requires removing the grille and/ or bumper. They will then ship out a new light are likely authorize the faulty light be destroyed.

RECON: Typical Time Until Replacements In Hand – 30 Days

Recon requires their online form be filled out and the faulty light shipped back to them for inspection. Once they have bench tested the product and verified the fault, they will ship out a replacement free of charge. As with Morimoto, You could ask to purchase one and to be shipped out immediately while waiting. Recons support is actually really good, their warranty period is not.


As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when purchasing a pair of headlights and it all boils down to what’s important to you, the consumer. While purchasing the right product is of utmost importance, having a trusted source for those products should be as well. I recommend using a high level dealer, rather than purchasing direct as this will make sure you are getting a true, unbiased recommendation.

While Google and Amazon reviews are good, the consumer is typically comparing that individual product to the underperforming OEM one it replaced and possibly one other (old tech) option they had. At we are constantly testing all the newest and innovative products so we can honestly give our customers the best advice, service, and experience. The answer to the question “Are Morimoto Headlights Worth It?” goes well beyond just the light itself and at BTS Lighting, we know that.

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