JW Speaker 9600 (Pair) Peterbilt 389 Style Amazing Heated LED Headlights
JW Speaker 9600 (Pair) Peterbilt 389 Style Amazing Heated LED Headlights

Are They Brighter?

The question on everyone’s mind: “Are JW Speaker Headlights Really Worth It?” The succinct answer is yes, but let’s dive into the reasons why you should trust this opinion.

Who Am I?

I’m Dustin, the owner of BTS Lighting, specializing in HD lighting with extensive experience in big rig lighting for over a decade. Running a trucking company under Brock Transportation Services (Lighting Division), I ventured into lighting sales due to the necessity for quality illumination in our trucks, especially in areas abundant with wildlife.

My extensive trucking career involved rigorous testing of numerous lights, enduring various weather conditions like snowstorms, fog, and thunderstorms. This hands-on experience gives me an in-depth understanding of today’s lighting products, both excellent and subpar.

JW Speaker 9600 Output

The prominent, yet unspoken difference between JW Speaker LED headlights and others is the color temperature. When compared to Philips Integral Beam, JW Speaker’s light color is notably different, offering a slightly warmer color tone.

A white light may seem appealing, but it can strain the eyes more than a warmer tone. In snowy conditions, a pure white LED light might cause “snow blindness.” JW Speaker’s slightly warmer light maintains visibility in snow or fog, providing contrast while preserving a white appearance, which most LEDs fail to do.

What About Intensity?

Here’s the crux of it: are JW Speaker Headlights really brighter? Absolutely. These headlights prioritize low beam performance, crucial in scenarios like fog, snow, and city driving at night. They’re known for their low beam center-weighted design and concentrated intensity in front of the driver.

While the beam pattern might not suit high wildlife areas due to potential blind spots, the intensity these lights offer on the roadway is unparalleled.

In our experience at BTS Lighting, we’ve found that pairing the JW Speaker 9600 with compatible fog lights like Diode Dynamics SS3 SAE Fog can significantly enhance your visibility.

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