Choosing the Best LED Headlight for Your Kenworth W900: Holley RetroBright

When it comes to selecting optimal LED headlights for your Kenworth W900, various aspects need consideration. Frequently, when seeking advice on the finest LED headlights for the Kenworth W900, responses often lead to either inexpensive Amazon options or the JW Speaker 8800, an industry mainstay for numerous years.

However, there’s another option offering more flexibility and customization: the Holley RetroBright: 4×6 Classic Style LED Headlights. These lights, akin to our popular Kenworth W900A Headlights: Holley RetroBright 5.75 round kits, are swiftly gaining acclaim in the market.

Unique Features

The Holley RetroBright presents a “period-correct,” direct-fit LED upgrade that effortlessly plugs into shallow bucket classics. While the Kenworth W900 might not face fitment issues, its predecessor, the Kenworth W900A, encountered this challenge.

A significant selling point is the ability to select your preferred light output color temperature. Choose between “Classic White” 3000k or “Modern White 5700k” to customize your lights according to your preference. The “K” refers to the Kelvin scale, solely measuring light color.

Benefits of Color Options

Opting between 5700K and 3000K headlight temperatures can notably influence your driving experience. These Kelvin ratings denote the headlight color temperature, impacting aesthetics and road visibility.

A 5700K headlight temperature emits modern white light, akin to daylight, enhancing clarity and color rendition. This temperature contributes to improved visibility, reducing eye strain and making road signs more visible even in challenging conditions.

Kenworth W900A Headlights: Holley RetroBright Powerful LED Kit
Modern White 5700k

On the other hand, a 3000K headlight temperature produces a warmer, yellowish light, offering a vintage appearance but potentially reducing visual acuity compared to higher Kelvin ratings. However, some drivers find warmer temperatures more comfortable during extended nighttime drives.

Kenworth W900A Headlights: Holley RetroBright Powerful LED Kit
Classic White 3000k

Our eyes adapt differently to various Kelvin ratings while driving. Higher temperatures like 5700K offer natural and stimulating lighting, keeping drivers alert. Conversely, lower temperatures like 3000K create a softer ambiance but may compromise visibility.

Quad Beam and Heating Features

Distinct from JW Speaker 8800, the Holley Retrobright functions as a Bi-LED, enabling each light to serve as both low and high beams. Utilize optional plug-and-play Holley RetroBright Quad Beam Adapters to switch all 4 lights between low and high beam mode, providing unparalleled performance!

Though not explicitly marketed as “heated headlights,” the LED bulbs in the Holley RetroBright disperse heat against the lens, effectively melting snow and ice. While not as efficient as JW Speaker’s heating element, it performs admirably at an appealing price point.

Conclusion: Tailoring Your Choice

While no single option fits all needs, the Holley RetroBright offers modern LED performance with a classic appearance and the ability to mitigate snow and ice. If you seek brighter headlights for your Kenworth W900 without desiring stark white light, the Holley RetroBright 3000k Classic White might be the perfect choice for you.

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